Welcome to my website where I exhibit my crafts, material choices, details about techniques, etc.

In August 2018 I acquired the Seal of Artisan of the Belgian ministry FPS Economy, S.M.E.s, Self-employed and Energy. This Seal certifies that I am qualified to practice  the profession of qualified woodworker and ceramist and that all products in my workshop are made by me. My name is mentioned in the Register of Artisans at the Ministry here.

My passion is crafting unique handmade objects in local or exotic woods.


PersistentWood®, a name trying to describe I am working with an often endlessly stubborn and tenacious raw material which deserves our respect. Woodworking is my passion and my purpose.


Mostly I use a technique of manually constructing circular objects with wooden segments, handcut at precalculated angles to form 360°. After multiple sanding sessions, the surfaces are polished and finished using techniques I developed over the years. Never will I use solvent based products, chemical colorings or varnishes.


I buy most of my wood at Dalmann Mozambique/UK, through one of their resellers in Belgium.

Dalmann is guided by fundamental principles of Responsible and Sustainable Forest Management. Please visit their website at https://www.dalmannuk.com/forest-management for more information.

The local woods I use are either found in nature (only pieces of wood already separated from the tree) either given to me.

Sometimes I transform existing wooden objects which I buy or are given to me.

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